If you want to be succesful here are 7 Keys:

1. Do everything according to your purpose, but not selfishly.

2. Help others become succesful

3. Commit yourself to your art, your craft, work hard and smart, out-work your competition in everything.

4. Don’t be driven by feelings, no matter how bad you feel, how lazy, how tired you are, just do your work and don’t stop.

5. Enjoy failing, fail as much as you can and do it as fast as you can and don’t forget to learn.

6. Realize that your Weirdness is wonderful. You can’t be the best copycat but you can be the best You.

7. Don’t listen to voices that says that you can’t including yourself!

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Even the best have to do this

No matter who you are and what industry you are in, you must be relevant to it.

Football players have to keep training each day, they have to be diligent in working their fitness, technical skills, proffesional violin players have to keep practicing.

It has been argued that the best of a particular industry has spent over 10.000 hours honing their skills and even they have reached that treshold, they still practice.

You are a manager, a leader, someone who looks up to you, you’ve been bombarded by training after training, books, you are handed performance reviews, you need to listen more, you need to do more of this and that.

There are so many areas to cover right? This can be overwhelming but the key is one

Anyone who wants to keep growing must always learn, never sit back and let things just flow, as Steve Jobs once said: ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’

I can promise one thing, that if you don’t try to stay relevant, you will slide downwards

Here are a few tips to avoid that
Read books, business feeds, reports relevant to your industry

Surround yourself with like-minded people, people who are always try to develop themselves, a mastermind, a coach, anyone who are able to help you in your industry

Don’f forget to stay open minded, this is very important, your customers, your family, your employees often have something valuable to say. You can see far but they can see in detail.

Have a good week ahead of you, guys.
Go out there and make a difference everyday!

3 Questions to Consider Before Firing Someone and A Thank You Note!

Now before i get to the content, i just want to thank people who took the time to visit my blog, especially those who follows my blog, i really hope you guys have been able to find some of the contents useful, relate to them and i thank the ones who have posted comments as well, I appreciate you people. 



now let’s talk about the confusing, complicated, and conflicting decisions you will have to make

Firing people

This particular task is especially difficult if the person you’re about to hire is someone you like, but out of many reasons, i know you have thought of this many many times before and you still think you need to fire him.

To help you with your decision, here are 3 tough questions you should answer honestly, to simplify your decision

1. Do you think his potential isn’t maximized here and so his contribution is doing your company no good?

This makes a lot of sense because if he’s not growing, you’re losing. First it hurts him and it also costs you a good amount of money for training, consultation, and wastes time as well.

2. Does she, despite her performance, contributes positively in building a positive workplace? 

In this case you might consider keeping her or find her trait what is it that she has that you need to find in the next person because positive workplace is something you should continually strive as a goal and people who can help you execute this is very valuable.

And finally one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is

3. Have you listened to them?

She might be under-performing because of a situation at home or an illness, he might have a problem with the new rule in the company, he might be bothered because of the constant change of systems, or maybe you’ve been giving her too much side work and she’s overwhelmed. Not only this is very effective, it also encourages candor across the organization.

So many reasons and if you could hear their part more, you will have valuable insight and make your decision easier

Your purpose should be just one, creating a win-win situation for both parties, think about them too, try to empathize with their feelings

If you are hindering their potential, get out of their way, even though they may not realize it, do what you think is best. Why? Because right now you are still her manager, you are responsible for her and your caring should not stop.


If you decide that firing is the right decision, thank them for their good job, be specific why they are fired, help them however you can and wish them good luck.



In the picture:
John F Kennedy, one of the greatest presidents of USA and Soekarno of Indonesia who brought the fight to the massively more advanced, more experienced Holland to eventually give independence to the country. Both are smiling.

Both closely ovserved by Robert Greene author of 48 Laws of Power, they have very different styles of leadership, one is charming one is captivating, both are extremely admirable in their own ways.

There are many traits a leader should have, but one of the easiest and effective is smiling. Managers, don’t get so bogged down in work you forget ‘Your smile’.

Great Leaders are often immortalized by people who love them, in a picture ,smiling. So why don’t you? – Kevin Suryadjaja

How Can I Know if Someone is Fit for the Job


every people is unique, right?

people come from different backgrounds, different walks of like, and different innate talents, right?

and every great managers embraces it, right?


So how do we know who to hire?

I am a firm believer in talent, i believe in talent more than experience.

for example if you are looking for an accountant, there are two people who came to you, let’s call them E and T

E: I have 5 years of experience in this department, i know most of the procedures to do the job, i have bachelor degree in..

you go trough maybe 2-3 interviews and you find out that this person knows all the basic skill, pretty efficient, etc.

then came T

T: i actually didn’t finish my degree, and i only have experience helping the accounting with my father’s business. But i can show you that i’m extremely good with numbers, i can memorize numbers, tweak it, i can count really fast and i’m good with big data. Actually i can say that numbers are my best friend


Now ideally, E (Mrs. Experience) is more appealing since you don’t have to give her much training and she can do well herself, but you don’t really know that, because compared to T (Mrs. Talent), you know she’s going to HAVE FUN at work, even better, after a few sessions of technical stuff, she knows her way around, let’s say you give her a big job, she won’t become overwhelmed, she will feel challenged and energized.


So to summarize, i think  you can give.

What do you think? Leave a comment